Fear is devious, I am happy to work with an agent

I had a huge realization yesterday. The whole point of my book is to say that living is a Fear is a choice if one can recognize what it happening. Friday I am reminded  that Fear can be devious. For the past two weeks I have been feeling ookey about the idea of working with a real agent to have my book be out there into the world and to be marketed as a "cancer memoir" to have the world look at me as a "cancer patient". I felt reluctant to dive into telling the story in interviews because I was AFRAID (the word) that I would be attracting that energy back to me.

I had a conversation with a recent acquaintance on Friday and he complimented the quality of the book as an open hearted sharing of my experience. Two hours later, I felt as though I had lost a HUGE weight around my neck!

Of course I want to share it! The Universe will provide good people to help me, and why do I care what people look at me as? I know I am healthy and that is all that matters! I will not be attracting that kind of energy, I am in control of what kind of energy I send out there - it is under my control.

Yippie! Thank for your huge help Greg. Now I can thoroughly enjoy the prospect of diving down the road of a proper agent and a publisher - it is such a relief to be excited and feel full of magic and possibility again. Vunderbar.