How vs What

This falls squarely into the Miracle category. I am currently working on my 10 year vision - as taught in the amazing seminar I was able to participate in courtesy of Zingermans, Ari, and Bo Burlingham (author of Small Giants). One element of my 10 year vision is to have a successful campaign to label genetically modified food. All goods sold for consumption either in a store or a restaurant would be labeled. The first time I went to England, I did not know what "GMO - free" meant on the menus - we all need to be educated, just like I was. (GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms.)

One gentleman took away from the visioning seminar the key of writing a successful vision is to decouple the "what" from the "how". The "what" is the vision (which I will post soon) - the "how" one sends into the Universe and asks for help. So my "what" is to start a campaign to label genetically modified food and have it be a success.

My vision is still in draft form - and even in draft form I am given an example the Universe taking care of the "how" (two days after I wrote out the "what").

Last week, it was gray and rainy. I had not gotten a lot of sleep the night before. I am working at the Deli and my neighbor walks in. "Oh, I'm so glad to see you! I've been meaning to come and knock on your door and I haven't had a chance. I work for our local online paper and I'm looking for someone to blog about food. Do you think you'd be interested?"

A little background. I have spoken to this very nice woman in the four years we lived here about 8 times (maybe). So the only thing that I can say about that is - MIRACLE!!

My first public platform to be out there and start talking about this. Awesome! (and it also means that I am going to learn a lot more about the food issues myself - double awesome!)

Thank you Universe for taking care of the "how".