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During my interview in 2005 for a job at Zingerman's Deli I told my future managers I loved eating because it is the only carnal thing you can do in public. That sophomoric, and true, sentiment aside, I am happy to talk about food as a new lead food blogger at for several reasons. Every country I visit I can't resist trying new foods. Cactus tacos with eyeball soup in Mexico? Sure. Oodles of noodles with mystery meat while crouched on a street in Vietnam? I got really good with chopsticks. Lukewarm sweet cardamom tea on an Indian train? Bring it on. Unrolling a perfect croissant while looking at Notre Dame? I will bring the napkins.

Beyond the pleasure of eating, food is company, food nourishes the soul, food engenders laughter, debate, and love. It is a universal connection one can share with any person.

Moreover, food has become very political. The locavore movement gains traction as Michael Pollan, Barbara Kingsolver, and Prince Charles continue to push the national and international conversations forward. Educated consumers want to make choices that are tasty, healthy, and sustainable. Like a perfect mille feuille, there are thousands of layers to what at first appears very simple: the access to healthy food for all people.

I am writing for all of those "whys". Food tastes good. Dinner in company feeds my soul. Food justice sparks my passion and my intellect. I have to eat to live. I can't think of anything I would rather spend my time on.

So that explains the why; here is the "who."

I moved to Ann Arbor in the summer of 2005 - my husband works for the University. We live near enough to the stadium that on game days we don't have to turn on the radio to hear if we are winning. I am an East Coast transplant - born in Washington DC.

I shocked some city friends with our decision to get backyard chickens this summer. They should start laying this winter (I hope). Here are some pictures of our chickens and the building of the coop this summer.

I run the Westside Farmers Market during the summer season. Here is a video of us at the HomeGrown Festival (which was a blast).

I love to eat food with chopsticks. Sometimes I can read a magazine at the same time, but not always. I can laugh no matter what my utensils are.

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