My religion is Love

We went on Friday night and got a hug from Amma. It was the second time we have done it and I am so happy both of us were able to be there again. Last year, when she hugged us - I immediately burst into tears. I felt my whole body tingling and happy and full of energy. It was incredible.

As I sat there for the rest of the night (and early morning) I thought to myself of how nice it is to have a female guru.  Whenever I think of God I think of a male figure. I wanted to feel as though there is a person who understands my body and what it feels like to feel twinges and know that a fertility cycle is beginning, ending, or in the middle. As I sat there last year thinking of my FEAR and female bits and thinking of Amma. I made myself a pledge.

Amma has a nose ring. After seeing her that night, I promised myself I would go home and get a nose ring to show that am devoted to the female part of our Universal energy. I would also be able to touch the nose ring whenever FEAR showed up to talk to me about my female bits.

That is what I did in 2008.

This year I had ample evidence that my female bits are coming back online as we received our second hug. Thank you Amma!