Two miracles in ONE day

So I have been feeling off. And knowing that it is a choice that I feel off has been not helping because the brain wasn't able to shut it down. I have been sleeping poorly, feeling "stressed", and generally not feeling like me. And then I showed up this morning to get my new bite guard in (because the DOG chewed on my last one that I have had for years). The dentist put it in and suddenly, my whole body relaxed. I felt as though I had just finished an amazing massage.

I started to cry. A small piece of plastic between my teeth that is preventing me from grinding sent shockwaves of relaxation all throughout my body and I sat there weeping in the plastic chair. The dentist, wonderful woman, gave me a hug and told me how good it is to cry.

And now I feel like me again.

My second one is that I have been toying with the idea of doing a cleanse in honor of the spring and general health maintanence, but not wanting to overstress the body. Out of the BLUE - I received a phone call today from someone who has JUST the RIGHT one.

Two miracles in one day, awesome.