Go, little book, go! vs. Fear

corinnacover_front "Go, little book, go" - Chaucer begins the ending of Troilus and Criseyde - and as I sat to write the description of my book in the librarything giveaway, the line seemed very appropriate.

I was talking to an acquaintance yesterday about the book and he asked me why I wasn't sending out emails to everyone I know asking them to purchase the book and telling them it is the best book EVER. To which my shuffling reply revolved around the terms "self-aggrandizement" and "awkwardness," which is another form of FEAR.

There it sits, always at the freaking table. Thank you Fear, you are right - if I don't talk about the book than people can't tell me it is not good - they can't find the 3 typos I have found (so far). I don't need to push away the worry people will look down on me because I was not vetted by a "proper" publisher - if I don't tell anyone about the book, I am safe.

So that ends now. I am going to tweet EVERY DAY about the book. I am going to post to my Facebook page EVERY DAY about the book. I am going to give away 50 copies of the books to members of librarything this month and I am going to send out press releases (when they are finished) to at least 20 independent stores.

As I said in my talk at MSU, what do I have to be afraid of? a voice in my head telling me that it is not going to work? I don't think so ... Go, little book, go!