Thank you Rose

Yesterday afternoon I was working at the Westside Farmers Market, as I am wont to do on a Thursday evening between June and September, and I met a woman named Rose. One of the other volunteers, Kristin, had told Rose about my book and suggested that she read it. Rose (herself an author) showed up on Thursday afternoon and we spent a good 7 minutes talking talking to each other. She was intent on eye contact, wonderful corridors of communication eye contact.

Deep brown eyes piercing into my green ones.

Then she said, "The Bible tells us that you can tell the depth of a person's spirit by their eyes. I have been surrounded all day with people with shifty eyes and I cannot tell you what a gift it is to look into yours. You must have worked hard to get them that way."

I nodded...

Damn right it was a lot of work.

started to cry...

What a huge gift this woman is, thank you Universe, just what I needed today.

and bowed to her.

"Well, I will certainly be back next week to tell you what I thought about your book and to look again into those eyes."

Thank you Rose!