Dreaming of sausage, again (thank you Bill Henderson!)

Two years ago when I culled out certain items from my cupboard, #1 - I drove myself crazy worrying about it

#2- I would do cheese one day, gluten the next, etc

#3 - I was annoyed that I could only eat veggies

This go around

#1 - I know that when I am feeling crazy about what I am or am not eating it means that I am tired and the pain body wants to be fed. (Thank you Eckhart Tolle!)

#2 - I started saying goodbye to meat with my amazing meal of Maigret au Canard, goodbye to gluten with a perfect challah bun from Zingermans, goodbye to egg with one of our perfectly poached eggs on top of arugula, goodbye to alcohol with a bottle of Pinot at the Grand Hotel in Macinaw - I also know that this is not forever, it is for right now. I am sticking to a vegan, gluten free, raw as much as I can, diet. I have broken myself into it - and I am dedicated to do it until after Christmas and test results trickle in from around the world.

Thank you for your support.

#3 - see #1 above.

If you are curious, I am using Bill Henderson's book. I found it before my autogenic transplant and it was partly what helped tweak that option into favor. Thank you Bill Henderson for all that you do!