Thank you Amma

I spend an endless day with Amma and her traveling band of helpers and pundits. It was perhaps four days total, but the days and nights were mixed up (because Amma doesn't sleep and I think they are also on India time). I received 4 hugs from her - and took it upon myself to look upon every conversation I had with anyone there as an extension of talking to Amma herself.

As such, I met a wonderful couple from Hudson River Valley, a gentleman doing sustainable farming in Vermont (and he introduced me to the Anatasia series), a former gambler from Vancouver, and an acupunturist who told me "Your problem is from a past life, it is not your fault." (wow was THAT nice to hear, a huge relief.)

As I approach the results of testings and doings I am happy I received a mantra from her - and grateful for the birthday gift of the Buddha beads for me to run through my fingers as I zone into the world of repeating again and again and again....

and when I pull my head up, I think again: Thank you for my Magical Life.

(Have you read my book yet? It really is a great book. I am VERY proud of it.)