Thank you Carrot Talk

So am I lurching out of yoga class at my fabulous new studio Satya (new to me, that is) - and I see a brochure. A brochure advertising delivery of vegan, gluten free goodies to MY DOOR - all organic, from local farms, etc. It is called Carrot Talk - Healthy Gourmet To-Go. We are renting and settling into our new rental abode - you would think all am I doing is cooking and exploring in the kitchen. Well, yes - but here is where things get whifty (and I am going to sound like a princess).

#1 our kitchen has no windows. #2 80% of all of our kitchen tools are packed away in storage somewhere in NewJersey with all of my books until we find the perfect home/land/etc to renovate/build/etc.

Hence the joys of working with the sweet kindness of Carrot Talk as we settle in - now the issue is working around the latest recommendations of Nibodhi (thank you Ammaji) telling me I need to avoid nightshades - which will get better after tomato season is finished.