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Cancer helps young woman decide which voices in her head to listen to (Rhinebeck, NY) “I am in Tijuana, and I want you to tell me everything is going to be okay. I want you to tell me chemotherapy is the work of the corporate devil.”

As she watched a disheveled man with a stain on his trousers examine her blood under a microscope, Corinna Borden wanted nothing more than to know she has made the right decision in seeking alternative treatment for her cancer.

How she got to Mexico from Ann Arbor, Mich.after countless examinations ending in -opsy and -oscopy, relentless pain and exhausting chemotherapy, and more advice than she had ever heard in her life is the disarmingly honest story Borden tells in I Dreamt of Sausage, her autobiographical portrayal of a young, newly married woman’s search for health after a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Most importantly for Borden, it’s the story of how her relationship to the world transformed when she chose to transform how she looks at the world. Through her personal journal entries and inner-voice discussions, the author takes readers right into her head, immersing them in the emotional and spiritual challenges of cancer treatment with unflinching honesty.

“I want readers of I Dreamt of Sausage to learn how they can move from overwhelming physical suffering to tranquility and acceptance,” says Borden, who believes her cancer is no longer a determining factor in her life. “The story is about recognizing the voices in your head and choosing which ones to listen to.”

See how Borden is still living her life (with a capital L!) at www.corinnaborden.com.


Author biography:

Drawing on a varied background of excellence in everything from studying medieval literature at Cambridge — to advancing local horticulture at thePolly Hill Arboretum on Martha’s Vineyard to managing the baking school of the Zingerman’s Bakehouse and subsequently the Westside Farmer’s Market in Ann Arbor, Corinna Borden has become a truly insightful young voice in the local food movement.

Her experiences as a young cancer survivor and of living and working in seven countries on four different continents while traveling to numerous others give Corinna a global and spiritual perspective on food, health, and society that informs her novel I Dreamt of Sausage as well as her writings about food for annarbor.com and her writing and work for Realtimefarms.com.

Borden is a graduate of Stanford University and the University of Cambridge, England.

For more information, to contact the author or to receive a copy of the book for review, contact:

Cindy Dashnaw, publicist, 317-602-7137 ext. 223.