I signed a release to fly from LAX with (beautiful) shellack on my face

Thursday night I arrived to LAX at 11ish PM - at 3pm the next day I flew back to NYC with shellack on my face and Farrah Fawcett hair. I signed a release form that I would not talk about what happened to me until the piece airs. I will not talk about having a dressing room or being treated like a princess or sweating in a silk jewel toned shirt. I will not talk about the beautiful voice of "What if" that wonders what I would have said if I had not been so excited - or whether I even really remember what I said at all.

Hopefully it will air soon, and this mystery will disappear. Cheers to sharing and cheers to dreaming of sausage!

It was an amazing week and I am SO grateful for the opportunity. Thank you Universe!