Weisbaden, Hildegard von Bingen, und Kloster Eberbach

This was not with trains, this was with a rented car and a SatNav (thank you British shorthand for a new word for a Tom-Tom). We went to Weisbaden, "the Nice of Germany" according to our guidebook, the Hildegard of Bingen's abbey, and a beautiful Gothic monastery - Eberbach.

Weisbaden feels like Nice to me because the buildings were very fin de siecle, with the balconies and whatnot.

Well, except for the Rathaus of course. (City Hall)

Hildegard's original abbey was lost in the 30 years war (or the 100 years war, one of those). So her current abbey was built about 100 years ago in the Romanesque style.

They also make their own wine from the vineyards around, which cracks me up.

On the way back to Bad Salzhausen we found the monastery - Kloster Eberbach - where they filmed the Name of the Rose...(which reminds me I need to watch it again.) They also make their own wine.

The scene from the Name of the Rose was filmed in the former dormitory for the monks - apparently the largest single Gothic room in Germany.

I think my favorite building from the complex is the Orangerie (and the sun came out just in honor of the picture).