A day for Sabbath

I have been trying very hard to implement a day where nothing is planned. A true day of sabbath, rest, rejuvenation, ability to play, or roll with what sings to you. As Eckart Tolle says - if life is the dancer and we (each one of us in our uniqueness of being ourselves - ie in my Corinna-ness as Corinna) are the dance - a day of rest allows us to fully honor the spontaneity of what our hearts and bellies might want to tell us to do. I tell you, we have been able to pull off two true Sabbath Sundays in the last 5 weeks. TWO out of five is not very good odds. It could be that I do not have a community that functions around such a day. If I were an orthodox jew this would be part of my culture and there would be support and honoring of such a day (I love Anne-Marie Slaughter's take on this). But as it is, because we wake up so early the weekend is often the only time to plan outings with new friends - so what are you left with, not seeing someone for three weeks because your Sunday is supposed to be sacrosanct? Hence the 2 out of 5.

But darn it, I am committed to this idea and want to make it a habit. One true day of naps and walks and wanderings and belly buttons listenings.