Ponderous Pulchritude of the Pachyderm

This was my post-residency gift to myself. A beautiful elephant balancing on a Mayan calendar, entitled "Balancing Act" by Rene Trevino. I like it because it is messy and elegant at all the same time. I like it because life is a balancing act always - and I hope that I can do it with such elegance and grace as this elephant. I have a scan next week to see if the good work from Germany and the radiation I did in August has worked. I am balancing and breathing and remembering the faith I felt with John of God. I am devouring and LOVING and reveling in Abraham (via Esther Hicks), hence the daily quote widget. I sent out my entry for a contest that I entered through The Ladies Home Journal, crossing our fingers!

Balance balance





The Ponderous Pulchritude of the Pachyderm