Town & Country

Here is the view out our apartment window. From this view I can walk to a stream/waterfall/several ponds, observe the frozen layer of ice with water bubbling beneath it, see tracks of deer (and other creatures), admire the shape of trees, count hundreds of stars, and see the path by moonlight. It is doubtful I will pass another person as I walk along with my dog. There are only several directions and roads to choose.


Here is the view to the view from my sister's apartment window (and yes that is Sear's Tower in the back left). From this view I can walk to power yoga, a multitude of eateries, groceries, malls, shops, the main post office, movie theaters, the lake, and parks. I will pass too many people to count - and if I am walking with my dog on Michigan Ave and a firetruck passes by our dog will stop, sit, and start howling in unison with the siren. There are blocks and blocks of choices and directions to choose.


I like doing both.