Welcome to the world Instar Lodge!

What does it mean to create? What does it mean to be courageous? Are those two linked? Artist and visionary Dawn Breeze thinks yes. She is living her creed as the founder and director of the Instar Lodge in Germantown.

Instar Lodge is situated in a building constructed as an Odd Fellows lodge in the 1800s and the serendipity could not be more profound. The Order of the Odd Fellows was founded in the 1800s and is still active today. 

I turn this now over to Dawn's description of this organization.

The Instar Lodge building was originally built as an Odd Fellows Lodge in the 1800’s and was named the Halcyon Lodge. The Odd Fellows have a remarkable history as a fraternal organization being the first in history to welcome women—The Rebekah’s. They were originally artists and makers excluded from prestigious guilds, who banded together to help one another succeed in sharing their respective trades with the community, and to offer generosity to those in need. Their motto was Truth, Love and Friendship.

The International Order of Odd Fellows is still active throughout the world and asks potential member’s three questions:

Do you believe that Friendship, Love and Truth should be the basic guidelines to live by?
Do you believe in a supreme being, the creator and preserver of the universe?
Do you want to make a difference?

At Instar Lodge we ask potential artist in residence a similar question:

How do you imagine your work creating a positive impact in the world?
We ask our community to help support this good work through community membership and radical free will giving—an alternative economic model based on gifting; a model that is inclusive of all people and recognizes the value of the artist.

We imagine a community that grows collectively more vibrant through immersion and celebration of each others creative gifts. We recognize that creativity maybe humanity’s greatest natural asset and agent for change. We provide a space for our community’s creativity to flourish and transform one another positively.

We are Instar Lodge.
— Instar Lodge Mission & History page


I was immediately drawn to the idea of teaching yoga at this remarkable confluence of energy and awesomeness. Because for me, every day I do yoga I feel that I am stripping away a part of me that is not Corinna and having the essence of Corinna shine forth more fully.

When we create, we are bringing "form out of nothing" - which is, in essence, the point of being human. To have our form, our personality, our life expression come into fruition. To move fearlessly into that which sparks our inner fire, giving us the confidence to be ourselves, and enliven those around us.

As such, I will be teaching yoga in this remarkable space at 6:30, Wednesday September 21. Make sure to check out the opening festivities happening the evening of August 20th!

Brava, Brava, Bravissima!