Sweet Showers Farm: Baby Roosters

On Mother's Day this year we had 7 baby chicks born to our rotating cast of three broody hens. (Certain mornings they almost seemed to be sitting on top of each other.).

Last year there were 4 chicks born and one beautiful rooster emerged. This year, our percentage seems to be evening out. There are 5 adolescent roosters in the bunch and we have been procrastinating. 

Slaughtering a chicken is not an enjoyable experience. It is a necessary experience because we only want one rooster. We have been talking about this for over a month - one of those conversations that go no where and satisfy no one. Finally, we decided to put a date on the calendar. 

It is rather like pulling off a bandaid, a few deep breaths, and then you dive in to do what is necessary.

Breath in. Breath out. 

Breath in. Breath out.