Teaching Monday nights at Instar Lodge in Germantown!

That is right! I have a regular class at the amazing, incredible, and innovative Instar Lodge! Join me from 5:30-6:45 pm every Monday starting in October until... until... until!

Instar Lodge is located in Germantown NY, 4 Church Avenue (right next to Gaskins, a great idea for a post yoga dinner!)

Each Kundalini Kriya addresses a different set of energies (though they all balance the chakras and tap you into your neutral mind ~ where your intuition and calm lie). So come to at least 3 classes because I guarantee that each class will be very different!

We will move, there may be laughter and jokes, I will learn something, you will experience something, and there is a high possibility that you may leave feeling different than when you arrived!

Bring your own mat and a blanket/towel for snuggling during the relaxation period. Suggested donation is $15 non members/$12 Instar Lodge members.

(Click here to become a member of this rocking endeavor!)