There is nothing more important than a daily practice with God - DO IT!

When I was about 13 years old I vividly remember asking the Universe to for a life to stretch me, to challenge my hangups, to force my soul and beingness to grow and learn and evolve. The Universe heard me.

30th birthday present… stage 4 cancer. Boom.

Here I am, about to turn 42, a bit less plump and bouncy physically but oh so much wiser.

I can hear my 80 year old giggling at that statement. Regardless, here we go, immortal words of wisdom from one repeating what sages have known for aeons.

Spend the Amrit Vela with God. Wake up early and meditate, do yoga, pray, and spend time being held by the Divine. Rest in God deliberately, with focus and intent.

It might seem impossible to get up early (because you will want to go to bed early, and there are so many delightful evening distractions available to us). It might seem that this is not really that big a deal. To do something daily like this might seem so small that it is not doing anything.

But that is exactly the point, to do something seemingly small, consistently, daily, makes all the difference in the world. It is the drip crashing through a wall. It is the small vibration that breaks the bridge. It is the glorious ripple that changes your life forever.

Believe me, do this for 40 days and see how you feel. Don’t do it for 4 days and see how you feel. Then go back and do it again for another 40 days and see how you feel. There is no comparison. As a friend said to me, doing this exchanges lead for gold in your life.

This is my basic routine - you can do whatever you want. Just get out of bed and give an hour or two to God in whatever form that looks like to you.

5 - 5:15ish … out of bed

Cold shower (a massage for all of your cells and a wonderful flushing of the systems)

Upstairs for Kundalini Basic 7 set for women (from the I am Woman Kundalini book) while I listen to the nice man read the A Course in Miracles lesson for the day.

Then I do Kundalini meditations… right now I am doing I am Grace of God, Heart Opening, and one that we did in class that I don’t remember what is called.

By now it is usually around 6:15. Time for my ACIM meditation from that lesson.

Then I do my Transcendental Meditation (which I have been doing since 2008).

Then it is 6:50… the house is beginning to stir with smalls. I usually have time to send off a few texts before doing breakfast.

Rinse, repeat, repeat repeat!

I am not kidding… I am going to include this in my letters to my children, because this is vital. A daily practice solidifies the chain that anchors you to yourSELF - God. Life unfolds and flows from that anchored space. What a gift to give yourself.