Can love cure cancer? A Course in Miracles says yes.

The Course in Miracles is very clear about the two realities.*

In one reality is the world of war, rape, disease, sickness, jealousy, judgements… etc etc. In true reality we are all the same because we are all God. ACIM is very clear in saying that while we may think we have tons of discreet problems in this reality, that is a creation of the ego - there is only one problem and there is only one solution.

The one problem is that we have forgotten that we are God/Love and the one solution is God/Love.

In other words, if you are sending love out in the world all of the time, in every interaction with every person (including yourself), than all of the other issues disappear.

Which brings us to cancer. Can me spending my days loving the world, every person I meet, every person I think about (even if I disagree with them), going over my day and seeing if I am at peace with every interaction or whether I have a belly niggle, loving and forgiving myself and cleaning up that niggle… really affect anything to do with cancer? scans? oncology follow up visits? that whole world of death and disease and needles and biopsies?

Marianne Williamson says in her Teaching the Teachers that the ego attacks the notion of love being the answer as naive, idiotic, divorced from the reality of this world. This is exactly the point! Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” So why not send love all the time and see if that affects my body and its doings?

It will be more fun for me, for certain, and hopefully that joy will be contagious.

Society, the world of the ego consciousness, has given us permission to give ourselves a pity party about the seeming woes in our life. “Ohhhh, that must be so hard. Let’s talk about it. Let’s wallow in the unfairness and the sadness and the ooohhh goodness.”

My life is amazing. I am not a refugee carrying my child for miles with no shoes and no food and no shelter and no help with a fierce hope the unknown is better. I am not a child being sold to the highest bidder to be broken and beaten and torn apart. I am not a woman being raped again and again and again.

This world we live in is so so filled with such despair and fear - we can’t pick pumpkins because the fields are flooded because we’ve had too much rain**, our country is having a nervous breakdown, synagogues become death halls, cancer cells divide or not, etc etc.

It is overwhelming and that is the freaking point. There are too many problems.

So we take a deep breath. There is there is only one problem and the answer to that one problem is Love.

Love. Love myself. Love you. Love the whole shebang. See with love, listen with love, act with love, be Love.

* I have experienced those two realities, which is, ahhh, super cool, just saying, thank you God.

** Here is a summary of the IPCC report for some light reading.