Happy Birthday month to me!

I love November. I love that my Father’s birthday is at the beginning of the month, that my birthday is nestled around Thanksgiving, that the advent of crisp weather is new and invigorating. Before the Romans it was known as “Blood Month” because now is the time to slaughter and salt the animals for the winter preservation.

So, I am going to briefly slaughter (=remember and savor) and salt (=rub love into) some of my animals (=that which feeds my soul) for the winter - to preserve them for long term storage.

Stomping Dragon - Last night you were hungry. You were looking at me and saying “apple apple apple apple?!”

“I am sorry darling, I don’t have any apple. We will eat dinner very soon, I promise.”

“Nuts?” Big beseeching eyes. “Nuts?” Hands out to me, palms up. Big blue eyes and a melting momma’s heart.

Jumping Bean - Yesterday was the lantern walk at school. You were so so excited to show me your lantern with the rabbit on it and to hold it with your stick. We followed the path of the candles into the woods.

The adults were tripping over roots and trying not to get stabbed by the low branches as we paraded behind the buildings and over the muddy bridge.

For you, it was magic. It was dark. You were holding a fire! All of the teachers were singing the lantern song. You were holding Tia’s hand and bundled with a cold nose. Thank you for showing me the world through your enthusiasm and glee.

“Momma, look at that tree! It is the beautifullest!”

“Yes, my love, the color of those leaves are so so bright. It is very beautiful.”

Life partner - For loving my idea that building a treehouse is a good idea. Not only a good idea, an idea that needs to be nurtured and loved and supported. “I too am glad we got married. We are going to do this without fear, Corinna. No fear.”

Family - My parents are moving to a house 67 feet (my mother measured) from my bedroom at the end of the month. Whenever we go by the house, the Dragon says, “Baba? Baba? Baba?”

“He will be here soon, my love.”

My sister and her husband have moved to the village of Rhinebeck. Watching the two of them interact with the Halloween deluge of cheerful parents and bedecked children. “Oh my gosh you are a pirate! Here are two pieces of candy for your great costume!”

“This was my grandfather’s American Flag. I love this porch.”

Friends - “Indoor Playgroup Morning?” “Beer and CSA doings?” “Just ask three times.” “I am talking to the Universe about you daily.” “Playground Time?”

The amazing woman at the dump yesterday who travels around with her truck and repurposes items for those in need being so thrilled about my sharing “Dumptique”. “We have been looking for a name!”

John at the dump, “you are a shining light to all you interact with, you just made her day.”

“Oh si, falta mas. Corinna, necessita tener fe. Todo esta en las manos de Dios. Relaja en Dios.”

Every glorious yoga class where I am holding a hard pose and it suddenly crashes in on me how grateful I am for this life. To feel my sweat, to hear the music lift my heart, to sense the clench in my muscles, to be in a room with beloveds on the same path and feel the love of God holding up my arms.

Happy Birthday to me. What an amazing life. Thank you God. Thank you God.