Real Time Farms powers the FixAntibiotics Food Finder (and my favorite sentence is quoted in Food Safety News!)

Yesterday, Consumer Reports released a report, "Meat on Drugs: The overuse of antibiotics in food animals and what supermarkets and consumers can do to stop it." This report is propelling a campaign (Meat on Drugs) with many supporters (FixFood, Consumers Union, Center for Food Safety, Natural Resources Defense Council, etc) and a clarion call to action. Action supported and helped by the FixAntibiotics Food Finder powered by Real Time Farms! So you agree with the 86% of consumers who want to purchase meat raised without antibiotics - they (and you) understand the superbug problem and want to have the choice to do something about it.

Well, great - where do you find meat raised without antibiotics to buy?

Via the FixAntibiotics Food Finder!  The food finder allows you to easily zoom to retail locations, farmers markets, farms, and restaurants sourcing antibiotic free meat. You can easily zoom, you can easily find the location, and you can easily purchase!

(of course, and always, if you know of a farm not in the database that provides antibiotic free meat - add it to the guide!)

This campaign, as with so many things, comes down to people voting with their wallets because government is seen as moving too slowly.  As Jean Holloran, Director of Food Policies at Consumers Union, shared with Grist -  "After three decades, you could say we're a little frustrated with the rate of change at FDA. It's discouraging to see that the industry lobbies have prevented the agency from acting." According to the article, Halloran is lambasting both the meat industry and the pharmaceutical industry. In 1995, sales of so-called "animal health products" to agricultural operations were already worth a total of $3.3 billion a year by 1995. (that is a lot of sales)

Check out this great video about the campaign done by FixFood's Robby Kenner (and yes, narrated by Bill Paxton)...

Thank you Food Safety News for grabbing my favorite sentence out of this piece for your story! (I was really pleased with that sentence, and those of you who read my stuff regularly know I speak often of "voting with one's wallet". Lalalalala!)