Oh say can you CSA!

This Saturday the Westside Farmers Market was at the HomeGrown Festival for the first time. I have lost my voice because I was speaking over the sound of the bands that were playing. According to the official count that I have heard, there were over 5000 people at the festival. There were tons of people that I recognized from the farmers market (both the Westside Market - that I am managing) and the Ann Arbor Farmers Market. We were right next to Lisa, of Pot & Box, and across from Julie at Tasty Bakery.

It was an incredible evening, Amie from Two Creeks Organics joined as did John and Cathie from McLaughlin Farms. We sold shirts and talked about Community Supported Agriculture. It is a system where you pay the farmer before the growing season for the vegetables you would like during the growing season. It is a HUGE boon to the farmer because they have a positive cash flow and they also know how much to plant. It is a great gift to yourself because it forces you to learn to cook kohlrabi.

I would like to create a bumper sticker that says "Oh say can you CSA" (patriotic, real, and catchy all at the same time).