My sister is a beautiful writer (and you can read her blog to see for yourself)

Here are some of my favorite chunks from her beautiful beautiful writing. Her blog is called Hair Optional. Me and My Shadow - July 9, 2012

[quote]I was completely stoned.  Like, freshman year in college stoned. After staring at the tv, drooling, for two hours, I decided that enough was enough, so Michael and I walked a few laps of the floor (which was also apparently entertaining), and then I went to bed.[/quote]

Irony - July 19

[quote]A friend of mine summarized the last few days for me, and I can't phrase it better: Occasionally I wish I had the direct phone number of The Universe so I could call up (during dinnertime) and just yell "WTF?!?!" into the receiver.  This is one of those times.  If any of you have that direct dial, please let me know.  If not, just keep the love coming.[/quote]

Go home. Stay there. Open window. - August 10

[quote]Every year I promise myself that our next home will have windows that actually, truly open.  Windows like I had in my office at the Massachusetts Statehouse where on particularly beautiful mornings I would climb up on my windowsill and pull the window up six or seven feet and it still wouldn't be fully open and just stand there, inside yet outside, letting the cool, soft, morning air wash over me.  Just stand there, hearing the traffic from Beacon and Park, smelling the wind that had just ruffled the trees in the Common, simply feeling the morning in my small corner of Boston.  Until David would see me from his window, call my extension, and tell me that whatever it is, it isn't worth it.[/quote]

Day 8 - August 28

[quote]Hi, I have an 8:30 appointment with the nurses. Hi Lydia, you do know that it's 9, right? Well, I was here yesterday at 8:25 and didn't get in to see them until 9:15, so I decided to cut out the wait this morning. Is that going to be a problem? Um, nooooo.. Good.[/quote]

Hobgoblins - September 12

[quote]Imagine the entire underside of your tongue with cuts on it.  Now imagine moving your tongue.  Now imagine trying to talk, eat, drink, or yawn without moving your tongue.  Yeah.  That was my problem too.[/quote]

Floating - September 28

[quote]... my extraordinary therapist, who happens to be Israeli, decided to introduce me to Yom Kippur.  Putting aside the self-flagellation portions, because I have that part covered, she asked me to start counting my blessings and to do this every day. The purpose is to help me move from the feeling of treading water to floating.

What's the difference? Treading water takes effort; floating doesn't Hmmmmmm.[/quote]

Neutropenic Fever - October 13

[quote]My nurse and the night doctor eventually appear to take vitals and generally go through the admit checklist (Are you depressed? Are you in any pain? Do you have a living will? It's fun, especially at two in the morning.).[/quote]

Warm Blankets - October 23

[quote]When I was a little kid, my mom would take the laundry from the dryer, put it into our antique wicker oval basket, switch the next load, and start folding. As she would reach into the basket, she would encounter a sock, an undershirt, a soft giggly calf, a pair of underwear, a small hand, a t-shirt, a shoulder-being the wonderful mom that she is, she would tickle said body part for a moment and then move on to the next piece of clothing.

There is nothing quite like a warm pile of laundry. In law school, I remember vividly that during exams, I would do a load of laundry, dump it into a chair, and then sit in it for ten minutes.  It didn't matter if it got wrinkly; it was all jeans and socks and long-sleeved t-shirts that wouldn't get folded because I would just reach into the pile for the next four days and get what I needed. But as I was buried in it for ten minutes, a shoulder would drop slowly from my ear to where it belonged, my lower back would relax back into its natural curve, my thut (the part where ones thighs meet ones butt) would release, unclinching both my hamstrings and my butt. [/quote]

Thut is my perfect new word for the day...I love you chiquita.