The List (so the Universe knows what I want)


Hello Universe! Here is my list (written and refined while meditating/zoning out/drinking in the cosmic bliss of John of God). I also sculpted this in the tradition of Zingermans vision writing (it is strategically sound, documented, and I am sharing it with the world).

[unordered_list style="star"]

  • Marriage - gratitude
  • I Dreamt of Sausage - $$ beyond that which I have spent, interest continuing beyond this time of intense publicity.
  • Real Time Farms - fervour, accolades
  • Health - vibrancy, 47 on the urine test
  • Balancing Elephant Farm - sustains, amuses, captivates us for years
  • Rhinebeck - community of love
  • Family - healthy, close


Hello World!