Parenting - Watching the Pain Body emerge

Eckhart Tolle speaks of the Pain Body and being born with such and how childhood tantrums can be a result of the emotional body of the child growing into its Pain Body. Rudolf Steiner speaks of the 6 year transition as a formative one for children as a time of separation and independence - hallmarked often by rebellion and lashing out.

As with all things, I think these are actually the same things.

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The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

I take a sip of warm tea, roll my head three times in each direction to hear the crunching, and roll my shoulders three times backwards ~ feeling my body fall into the comfy couch. Truth is truth and yet, in this world of material doings, it can be lost so quickly into the forgetory… and so here are my reminders - God is in every moment.

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Parenting through the lens of ACIM

We are born. We know we are part of God. We are eternal and loved and loving. Then, as Marianne says, “we have a childhood” and we enter into the reality of the ego.

The reality of not-enoughness, the reality that we are separate creatures from each other and God, the reality that we are striving with our fellow humans to collect pieces of paper, or zeros, or relationships to fulfill the chasm in our souls from our disconnection from the true Reality.

The true Reality. We are God, we are one, we are beloved, expansive, held, able to live every moment with Love in our thoughts, hands, hearts, and eyes. We are enough just the way we are and all we need to do is relax.

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Just in case... letters to my children

A few months ago I was talking about a woman who had died. “The worst part,” her closer friend shares with me, “is that her kids keep on asking me if I have a letter or a note from her for them - and I keep on having to say no.”

So here we go, my winter project, write letters to my children. Just in case. Why not?

Letters for their birthdays, letters when they graduate from college/run away from home/join a cult, letters when they get married. Letter when it is a random Tuesday in March 2042 to tell them I love them.

You never know in this life. Isn’t the idea of doing this now, in health, with facilities intact, without the cancer industrial complex breathing down my neck, make it seem more of a gift than a chore?

I think so. I feel so. I know so.

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