Sound Blows my Mind

Learning about sound during my Kundalini Yoga training blew my mind.

Therefore, without any further ado.

String theory tells us the Universe is comprised of vibrating filaments that make up the blocks that make up atoms (as far as I grok the scene). The building blocks of our entire existence/Universe/World is sound. In the beginning was the Word...

Kundalini Yoga (put together thousands of years ago) agrees with this modern physics interpretation (or John 1.1). Moreover, our own bodies are uniquely organized to receive our own vibratory messages.

The rhythm of the tongue on the 84 meridian points on the roof of the mouth transmits vibratory messages to the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. The pituitary contains both glandular and nerve cells ~ thus the vibration moves throughout both of these body systems. The sound also enervates the nadis (which are akin to meridian lines). There are 72,000 nadis in the body, channeling the prana, which are made of sound (called naad, note the shared etymology). 

Sound Pix
Sound Pix

As such, mantras - a specific collection/order of syllables designed to hit the roof of the mouth again and again in a certain pattern - create resonance with their repetition. This resonance can alter the habitual brain waves and create new ones.

For serious.

WHAAAATTTTT!!! This is amazing!

Is your mind blown!?!

Mine is. Hopefully forever.

Just think, it is not just when you are saying a mantra that you are hitting the roof of the mouth. It is anytime you speak, sing, laugh, giggle, chirp like a bird, express yourself through your mouth of doings. Your whole body is speaking with you, chirping with you, giggling with you.


One can take this to the next step, which is... so what is your mantra?

I am healthy, wealthy and wise? I am beautiful, creative, and full of abundance? I am joyful, grateful, and in awe of this beautiful world?