And then there were two... or four of us (rather)

Right so yes, it has almost been a year (say what?!). I would love to say that my time unplugged was due to more than passed out napping and devouring bags of avocado oil potato chips, but that would be a lie. Pregnancy was amazing and primal and awesome. Labor was incredible and almost exactly nothing at all like an erg test (only in that one had to keep one's head in the game). And now we have a 5 month old Dragon.

So, a Bean and a Dragon. And life is settling into awesomeness. I am able to keep my eyes open after 7:30 at night for more than one evening in a row (though the naps are still sacrosanct).

The Bean doesn't tussle with her brother every day - only when she wants attention, or is mad about not being able to have blue playdough, or use crayons on the couch, or being told that pulling the dogs tail is not a good idea - you get it, she is three. She also gives him nose kisses, holds his hand when he cries, brings him his rattle, and says "I think he is hungry momma for boobie milk." He loves to watch her jump on her trampoline, smiles when she is laughing, and sucks on her pigtails.

Life is moving super fast with these small smalls. Long days and short years - as they say. The fundamental conundrum of being alive - to honor and cherish what one knows is fleeting. I have waited so long to be a Momma and am so grateful to be in this role. Grateful and overwhelmed. Before I know it they will leave the house and my heart breaks. So I remind myself to take a moment and pause to look around - there is a rattle next to me on the couch and Richard Scarry books on the shelves.

We are now four.