Fear of Death

Oh wow. Where to begin. 

At the beginning there was the One. In order for the One to play and know itself it separated into Two. The two are the everything of life. Hot Cold. Dark Light. Fear Love. Despair Exultation. Water Fire. Air Earth. Rape Hugs. Torture Kindness. (so perhaps there are gradations of the Two, which is the One, my brain is grokking something that I felt with my soul.)

And then there is death, which is when the souls of the Soul (us) join the Soul. So why be human? Why are we here?

I feel we are here to feel the emotions (which are not our emotions, but are the frequency that we can all tap into, the different variations of movement according to the String Theory of Physics) and release the blocked/trapped/stuck emotions in our bodies, our collective consciousness (guilt for slavery anyone? pain for women over the centuries being subjugated? neglect of children? the stifling of male emotional expression? et al), our past lives, our future lives (which are all the same thing because there is no such thing as time) so that we can be free and be part of the One.

The wonderful thing is that we chose this. Our souls chose to come into this world, at this time, with these set of crazy circumstances whereby the choices are becoming so stark and so clear. Do we choose walls over compassion? Do we choose secrecy over empowerment? Do we choose fear over love? We can only do this work here, in matter, because when we are not in matter we are so much closer to the One that we cannot cleanse the vibrations of darkness.

Which brings us to the fear of death. Fear of the end. Fear of not existing. Fear of annihilation. It is the ultimate extreme of the duality. The opposite of community, trust, faith, hope, love, feeling safe, belonging. As a human being in this world, that frequency of death as the end of life is all around us. The primal choking claustrophobic feeling in the throat of FEAR. Then, as a friend put it, we compound that fear with the fear of the fear and off to the races we run with tightness in the chest, constricted emotions, unconscious patterning that puts us in a grove to repeat and strengthen that vibration for all of us.

What to do about this? See it. Know that cruelty is unconsciousness, that hatred, and despair, are all facets of the Two so we can feel the duality and chose its opposite. Know that with our own work to see the emotions and let them flow, we are working to dissipate them for all of us. Know that the One looks at this work we humans are doing to find our way and laughs with joy as we try and holds us up as we continue to fall and try again.

It starts with me. My own self care to tap into the One on a regular basis (40 days to start, a lifetime to finish). My own commitment to tell my truth. The bare my soul. To not be afraid to show the world who I am and myself.