Fear of Death

Fear of Death

Oh wow. Where to begin. 

At the beginning there was the One. In order for the One to play and know itself it separated into Two. The two are the everything of life. Hot Cold. Dark Light. Fear Love. Despair Exultation. Water Fire. Air Earth. Rape Hugs. Torture Kindness. (so perhaps there are gradations of the Two, which is the One, my brain is grokking something that I felt with my soul.)

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Fear is devious, I am happy to work with an agent

I had a huge realization yesterday. The whole point of my book is to say that living is a Fear is a choice if one can recognize what it happening. Friday I am reminded  that Fear can be devious. For the past two weeks I have been feeling ookey about the idea of working with a real agent to have my book be out there into the world and to be marketed as a "cancer memoir" to have the world look at me as a "cancer patient". I felt reluctant to dive into telling the story in interviews because I was AFRAID (the word) that I would be attracting that energy back to me.

I had a conversation with a recent acquaintance on Friday and he complimented the quality of the book as an open hearted sharing of my experience. Two hours later, I felt as though I had lost a HUGE weight around my neck!

Of course I want to share it! The Universe will provide good people to help me, and why do I care what people look at me as? I know I am healthy and that is all that matters! I will not be attracting that kind of energy, I am in control of what kind of energy I send out there - it is under my control.

Yippie! Thank for your huge help Greg. Now I can thoroughly enjoy the prospect of diving down the road of a proper agent and a publisher - it is such a relief to be excited and feel full of magic and possibility again. Vunderbar.