Fear of Death

Fear of Death

Oh wow. Where to begin. 

At the beginning there was the One. In order for the One to play and know itself it separated into Two. The two are the everything of life. Hot Cold. Dark Light. Fear Love. Despair Exultation. Water Fire. Air Earth. Rape Hugs. Torture Kindness. (so perhaps there are gradations of the Two, which is the One, my brain is grokking something that I felt with my soul.)

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Ponderous Pulchritude of the Pachyderm

This was my post-residency gift to myself. A beautiful elephant balancing on a Mayan calendar, entitled "Balancing Act" by Rene Trevino. I like it because it is messy and elegant at all the same time. I like it because life is a balancing act always - and I hope that I can do it with such elegance and grace as this elephant. I have a scan next week to see if the good work from Germany and the radiation I did in August has worked. I am balancing and breathing and remembering the faith I felt with John of God. I am devouring and LOVING and reveling in Abraham (via Esther Hicks), hence the daily quote widget. I sent out my entry for a contest that I entered through The Ladies Home Journal, crossing our fingers!

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The Ponderous Pulchritude of the Pachyderm

First Public Talk about I Dreamt of Sausage at MSU (part 1)

I was very lucky to have a wonderful girl with my video camera on me for the talk that I gave to Zaje Harrell's Health Psychology Class in February. I was really nervous and it felt REALLY good to realize that I can talk about the book and frame it within my own context. My miracle that day was that we went out to breakfast and I had buckwheat pancakes made from Mill Pond, which I had JUST visited. Wow.

Here is the link for the next four videos in my talk.