Ammaji = Immersed in a bath of chocolate warmth

I have never taken a bath in melted chocolate, but I imagine that it is similar sensory experience to being in Ammaji’s presence. A warm soft bath of delicious love, saturating every pore of one’s being. Warm chocolate oozing between ones toes, warm against ones knees, I would dip my head down and take a lick of my arm. The smell! Could you imagine the smell of being enveloped in warm chocolate!! 

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Thank you Amma for expanding my heart!

I know that sounds a bit crazy, but that is how I feel. I just returned from my second retreat with her and I seriously feel as though my heart has expanded in my chest. It has gotten bigger. and yes - the retreat was filled with miracles, and stretchings of my comfort zone, and the ability for me to share my story with those who needed it, and real conversations, and love, and laughter, and chanting, and mantras, and meditations, and GREAT food, and hugs!!!

Om Namah Shivaya